After Crashing In Mid-Air, This Fighter Jet Manages To Fly 100 Miles With Just One Wing

Patty Clark
Two fighter jets crash in midair causing one to lose half a wing, yet it still manages to fly all the way back to its base.

During a training mission in Kansas on October of 2014, two F-16 Vipers collided and midair which nearly had fatal results. Photos and additional details regarding the crash have just recently been released, and the outcome was remarkable.

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In short, following the collision, one of the jets crashed to the ground just moments after, but the pilot was able to safely eject and land away from the remains of his plane. The other jet ended up losing half of its wing yet managed to fly the 100 miles back to the base.


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F-16 Vipers collided

The pilot was experienced while his wingman was a rookie. Apparently, the wingman started turning left, but the flight lead misinterpreted the signal and turned right instead, according to Foxtrot Alpha. It's likely that the pilot was focused on the enemy training target and made the error due to distraction.

This seems to be exactly why they have training missions like this one. Life and death are just split-seconds apart, and a small error can result in major consequences.


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Additionally, it’s amazing that the pilot was able to not only continue flying, but make the over 100-mile distance back to the base. It shows the true ingenuity and mechanical genius of these jets. Apparently, the Viper relies on its wings for lift, which makes this feat even more perplexing. The augmented stability control system could have played a part in its successful flight back.


F-16 Viper pilot flies back to base


The video below shows just how much losing a wing can affect a plane’s flight. After the wing is lost, you can tell just how hard it is for the pilot to regain control. His safe landing is absolutely surprising. Admittedly, the plane in this video is not a jet.



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There was also another case where an Israeli pilot was able to fly an F-15 jet with just one wing.