You Can Now Be Sued For Taking A Picture With A White Background

Taking a picture? Go ahead, but just make sure the background isn’t white because the next thing you know Amazon will be suing you. Yup, they just bought the rights for such pictures so technically they can do just that.


Amazon has been awarded the intellectual rights to taking pictures of people in front of seamless white backgrounds.

The patent, titled Studio Arrangement, was originally filed in 2011, and has five pages of intricate details as well as a diagram that Tim Cushing of TechDirtsays, “Pretty much looks like every photo studio in the history of photo studios.”

He also explains how this filing is unlikely to result in any serious disruptions for the photography industry, as the stipulations are easy to work around but the question on many a minds is; can the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) really do that?

What next? Somebody lays claim to the Little Black Dress and we are all stuck with half a cupboard full of clothes we can’t wear?

Cushing is not the only one. The news has got the world of photography buzzing and not very positively.

Udi Tirosh of DIY Photography says, I am not really sure how to tag this other than a big #fail for the USPTO, or a huge Kudos for Amazon’s IP attorneys.”

Amazon has had some pretty revolutionary ideas over the years. The Kindle is awesome. Prime is a great service and drone delivery may be on the horizon. However, the online retailer has gone a bit too far with one of its latest “inventions,” thinks Eric Reagan of Photography Bay.

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