Amazon’s #1 Reviewer Dies After Reviewing Over 30,000 Books

"Whatever you are, be a good one." That's a quote from Abraham Lincoln and it certainly applies to this amazing woman.

Harriet Klausner died on October 15, 2015. Her legacy, however, will live on in the form of 31,014 book reviews on

According to Quartz, the former librarian would review between two and three books a day and she always followed the same procedure. Her first two paragraphs would summarize the book she had read and the last few sentences would give her opinions (which were almost always positive).

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The key to Klausner’s prolific review rate is her “natural born gift” as a speed-reader. Despite her claims that she really did read the books, many on Amazon believed that Klausner was either trolling or else being paid to write mass numbers of fake reviews for publishers.

The review mining industry has been a huge problem for Amazon and Klausner’s high numbers made her a natural target for those opposed to the practice. To be fair Klausner’s closest competitor on Amazon had completed less than half of the reviews that she did so the disparity was certainly large enough to warrant suspicion.

In 2006 Time magazine interviewed Klausner and in the interview she explicitly states that she has never been paid for her work as a reviewer. The shocking number of reviews she has produced remains the only evidence that her detractors have been able to use against her.

Whether or not Klausner was paid is a moot point, however, since the sheer number of reviews she wrote is impressive even by review miner standards. 

Her last review was published on October 12 for a thriller titled Adrenaline.

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