Rejected Mars One Candidate Talks About Not Getting To Die In Space

Heidi Beemer found out she's not getting a one-way trip to Mars. Get her take on the Mars One mission.

Heidi Beemer

Mars One, a nonprofit organization funding a mission the Mars, has a very precise selection process. Out of the thousands of people who applied, Heidi Beemer made it into the top 600. 

However, the brave young woman just found out she was not selected in the top 100. She spoke to NPR about her experience, her ambitions and what she plans to do now that she won't be living and dying on Mars at the start of 2025. 

Beemer tells NPR host Arun Rath that she was disappointed she wasn't selected. However, she had a set of back up plans in place, and now she is able to move forward.

Beemer is in the military, and she hopes to continue her career there in a different position. She is interested in working with space command, which works on space and missile operations.

After that, she told NPR, Beemer hopes to become an astronaut, so she can still explore what might no longer be considered the "last frontier," but an amazing opportunity nonetheless.

Although she wasn't selected herself, she is still enthusiastic about the Mars One mission altogether, and so are we.

The mission is still accepting applications through 2016, if you want to be one individual that will make history after boarding on a one-way ticket to the Red Planet. 

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