Android Bot Spotted Urinating On Apple Logo Over Pakistan's Google Map

Google once again takes the piss out of Apple in public.

Google Maps has more than its share of weird things, and its collection just grew by one.

While fooling around with Google Map of Pakistan, folks over at Team Android discovered a bizarre image of an Android bot peeing over an Apple logo.

The image can be seen to the south of the Pakistan city of Rawalpindi on the map mode of Google's famous mapping service. It, however, vanishes when the option is switched to satellite imagery, meaning it's only an illustration on the map and not an actual feature on the ground.

Google does have a history of hiding Easter eggs on Google Maps, so it could be that. Or maybe one of company's map developers was feeling naughty and didn't think his joke would get noticed in that part of the world. Well, it has been spotted and is spreading like fire.

The image encompasses everything there is to know about Google's regard for its Cupertino-based rival.

The two companies have long been battling in the mobile OS industry and never leave a chance to "urinate" on each other go unnoticed.

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