Apple Keeps Its Grand Tradition Of Stealing Ideas Alive With iOS8

June 3, 2014: A lot of iOS8's new features are nothing new to Android fanboys.

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs once famously defined his company's ethos by saying: "We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas."

It seems those grand values are still alive and kicking at the Cupertino-based company. On Day 1 of Apple's 2014 Worldwide Developers Conference, CEO Tim Cook unveiled a series of new software items that are native to the rival Android platform.

In the past few years, Android's market share has soared to 81 percent while Apple's has plummeted to just 12.9 percent. The primary reason for this growing disparity has been Apple's inability to match Android for its creative solutions. To stop itself from losing any further ground in this race for mobile supremacy, Jobs' brainchild has went back to their dirty old trick of copying whatever is working for others and present it as if the idea came fresh out of their kitchen.

Check out what some of these lifted ideas are:

iMessage's Push-to-Talk Feature

The iOS8 will add new push-to-talk and push-to-video features to its iMessage, which as you know, is just what Whatsapp and Snapchat are all about. So similar the concept is that even Whatsapp CEO Jan Koum couldn't help but mention it in a sarcastic tweet:


Third Party Keyboard Support and Swift

Apple's default keyboard is one of its better features, but still who doesn't like to have options? The phone was missing third party keyboard support, but the iOS8, set to arrive this fall, will address this issue. Needless to say, the Google Play is full of brilliant keyboard apps.

The upcoming QuickType built-in feature also seems a copy of the famous SwiftKey keyboard app. However, its makers just want to focus on the positive side. Their product wasn't previously allowed on App Store, but now that it has, they're excited about it even if Apple is blatantly plagiarizing their invention.


iCloud Drive

More "innovation" of the kind that Koum mentioned in his tweet was seen when Cook disclosed the iCloud Drive. If the name doesn't make it clear, it's basically a tool that mirrors the workings of DropBox and Google Drive.


New Calling Feature

The iOS8 has also promised a new calling feature that would allow users to receive phone calls on their Macs as well, instead of just their smartphones. This sounds a lot like Skype or Viber, doesn't it?


Spotlight Search

Through Apple’s Spotlight search, iPhone users will now be able to search the internet too. This is nothing new for Android users.


Voice Activation Command For Siri

Siri would now instantly become active when given the voice command "Hey, Siri." Android was the first to introduce this, with "OK, Google" being its version of the command.

So, the iOS8 certainly has iPhone and iPad users excited, as it would finally address their longstanding problems, but they should thank Google and not Apple for it!

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