Choice Made Easy: A Perfect Comparison Between iPhone 6 And Galaxy S6

Deciding between the iPhone 6 And Galaxy S6? Check out this side-by-side comparison.

IPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S6

Not long after the release of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, Samsung Galaxy S6 along with its sibling S6 Edge, have now stormed their way into the market, causing some serious jaws to drop. However, with the two latest smartphones, consumers are wracking their brains to choose the best. Are you one of them? Then wait no more. We have the perfect comparison right here for you.

1. Display is crucial

While the 6 is encased with aluminum rear, the S6 has a glass back. Now while opinions may differ, some might not like the oily smudges and greasy fingerprint marks alongside potential for shattering associated with the S6's glass backing. However, since the S6 has conveniently restricted itself to 4.7-inch display compared to Apple’s 5.1-inch, it remains easy to handle.

2. Software

IPhone 6 comes with the latest update iOS 8 which is considered to be stable and smooth with basically no software glitches to speak of. We won’t call it “simple” however it does remain to be quite “minimalistic” making it very easy to lash out of the file options and customization. However, the Android comes with the new and improved TouchWiz interface that offers its customers a full-blown range of widgets, customization and settings. However, does that matter to you or not, is a matter of personal preference and taste.

3. Battery life

If you want to be on top of the wave, Samsung has a way. The phone is now offering you wireless charging, now also an infant trend at famous coffee shops like Starbucks. The 2,550 mAh cell does the job, despite having so many pixels to push and we've found that statement to be perfectly true in practice. However, if you’re still unsatisfied with the performance, not much can be done about it yourself, since it is non-removable. Apple, on the other hand is using a comparatively smaller battery, at just 1810 mAh, however it must be considered that it’s long-lasting life is quite impressive. However, let’s not forget that your particular habits of phone use have a greater impact on both the phones.

4. Camera

Samsung has made sure that the Galaxy S6 camera is highly yet accurately advertised – a 16 MP rear camera with OIS and a wide-angle 5 MP front-facing one. It also offers automatic real-time HDR and Smart Optical Image Stabilization, which also works while filming video. Side by side, Apple iPhone 6 has an 8 MP iSight camera with software image stabilization (if you want optical you’ll need to buy the IPhone 6 Plus), phase detection autofocus and a dual LED flash. The front-facing camera is 1.2 MP with face detection and HDR. Now, do you want to take flashy photos or not, that’s solely your decision to make.

5. Value for money

The Galaxy S6 costs around 800 USD for 32 GB, 900 USD for 64 GB and 1000 USD for 128 GB. The IPhone 6 is 649 USD, 749 USD and 849 USD for 16 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB versions. If you are fully invested into the iOS ecosystem, then the iPhone would likely be the better choice. For anyone not tied to a particular operating system though, the S6 will give you unquestionably more for your money.

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