We Know Why Apple Is Reportedly Shutting Down Beats Music

There's still no love for music streaming sites at Apple.


Apple plans on shutting down the music streaming service Beats Music that it acquired as part of its $3 billion acquisition of Beats Electronics last month, according to TechCrunch.com.

Citing inside sources, including top Apple and Beats employees, the website claims that Apple already moved Beats Music staff to other projects, and will continue to do so until the music streaming service ceases to exist.

In a subsequent clarification, Apple denied harboring any such plans although it did say that it “may, however, modify [Beats Music] over time, and one of those changes could involved changing the Beats Music brand.”

Translation: while Apple won't explicitly admit to sending Beats Music to the gallows, it is actually doing just that. The move doesn't come as a surprise as staff changes at Beats was clearly a step in this regard. The absence of Beats Music app on the newly released iPhone 6 supports this hunch too, and so does CEO Tim Cook's newfound habit of not touching any Beats-related topic in his interviews.


Apple has a history of taking its acquisitions out of the business. It did so in 2010 with Lala.com, and it seems history is repeating itself. While it may have been the right move then, experts fail to decipher the logic behind its decision to tear apart Beats Music. Streaming services have emerged as the next big thing on the Internet rather than download-oriented stores like iTunes.

Unless Apple has plans of incorporating Beats Music's streaming technology into iTunes – which there are no signs of yet – to keep pace with the evolving industry, their treatment of Beats Music makes no sense.

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