You’re Only An App Away From Making The World A Better Place

Technology has turned around many aspects of our life, and the option to make the world a better place is now right at your fingertips.

Social media and the Internet have taken over a major part of our lives, where there’s an app for nearly everything. From tracking the number of steps you take in a day to the calories consumed and books read, your smartphone can do it all.

But apps are also facilitating positive change in the society — a function that mostly goes unnoticed because of the popularity of all the health, entertainment and social media applications.

You are now just a click away from making the world a better place.

1. Charity Miles


Charity Miles is an app available in both the Android and iOS app stores that turns your workouts into donations. It uses corporate sponsors such as Humana, Lifeway Foods and Timex Sports to donate 10 cents for one mile biked and 25 cents for each mile you walk or run.

Users get to choose the charity they would like to donate for and launch the app as they begin their workout. This not only proves to be an incentive to exercise and stay fit but also encourages people to donate more.

The app uses GPS location tracking to calculate the total distance traveled, so that donations can be made accordingly. The various charities being featured are Autism Speaks, Feeding America, the Alzheimer’s Association and Stand Up To Cancer, along with many others.

2. Volunteer Match


Many of us can relate to a situation where we want to volunteer but don’t know how to go about it. Getting in touch with nonprofits and other organizations working toward a social cause can be a lengthy procedure. That's exactly where Volunteer Match comes into play.

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The app  connects potential volunteers with organizations and causes, based on a variety of criteria such as interests and education, and makes the world a better place one match at a time.

3. Feedie


For those who are real foodies and love to even take pictures of their meals and post on social media, this app is the perfect match. Feedie promotes the idea of clicking pictures of your food, and was launched by a nonprofit organization Lunchbox Fund.

For every food related picture captured, a Feedie-friendly restaurant will donate one meal to the Lunchbox fund. The cities included in this app are New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and South Africa.

4. Check-In-For-Good


Check-in-for-Good is a brilliant smartphone app that converts your check-ins into donations.

With the popularity of social media, checking-in to various places people visit is a common trend, and this app uses encourages the trend to help people in need.

A list of participating businesses is available on the app, and when people check-in at them a donation is automatically made to a charitable cause. The more you check-in, the more you donate.

However, this app is even cooler because every time you check-in, you will be offered brilliant discounts and incentives to keep you coming back.

5. My Life As A Refugee


My Life as a Refugee is an app developed by the UNHCR, and was built to raise awareness about the life of refugees.

The app features accounts of real refugees who have gone through the ordeal of making such a life-changing decision. These people talk about their experiences and tell their stories. In doing so, they not only inform people about refugee issues, but also encourage app users to go out and help those in need.

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