Aquatic Hoverboards Are Here And They're For Real

June 13, 2014: The aquatic version of 'Back to the Future' hoverboards is happening!

It may take its time, but science almost always gives us the cool technological things it promises, with certain exceptions For example, the hoverboard sadly still remains confined to our imaginations!

The mythical tech machine from Back to the Future series, might be 25 years old but there are still no signs of any major breakthroughs on it. But who needs a real hoverboard to experience what it'd be like to use one. Enter aquatic hoverboards!

A Salt Lake City-based company named Rocky Mountain FlyBoard has developed a new product that uses water propulsion to levitate in the air. Since, the Internetverse is rife with fake hoverboard claims and pranks, the aquatic board's inventors have also released a video that demonstrates the ability of their invention.

By clicking on the play button up top, you can see Devin Graham and Frankie Zapata testing the aquatic hoverboard. The color of the sea water, the real hovering of the board, the clarity of the shots and the sequenced slow-mo add to the awesomeness of the video.

Aquatic hoverboards aren't available commercially just yet, but will be next year. It's expected the opening price will be $2,675.

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