Forget Your Coffee, Wake Up and Smell the Bacon

Coffee Shmoffee! It’s time to “Wake Up and Smell the Bacon”

Coffee Shmoffee! It’s time to “Wake Up and Smell the Bacon”

Oscar Mayer Company,an American-owned meat and cold cut production brand, is planning to revolutionize the way you wake up.

“Transform your iPhone into a Bacon Scent Alarm Clock,” reads the main website.

Wake up & Smell the Bacon is an iPhone app that disperses the sweet, sweet aroma of crackling bacon into your room.

The app is currently available for download. However the real prize, which is obviously the bacon-scent-emanating attachment, will not be made available for purchase. According to the Los Angeles Times:

… if you want the entire bacon-alarm clock package, you have to apply online, by April 4, for a chance to win one of the limited-edition devices. Winners will receive their devices six to eight weeks after the applications close.

The deadline, which is April 4 3014, is soon approaching. What are you waiting for? Wake up and smell the coffee (read bacon) and Apply online now.

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