Don’t Want Your Identity Stolen? These Jeans Will Cover Your Butt

Clothing that covers your ass to protect you from cyber-crimes.

cyber protection jeans for smart id credit cards

A pair of jeans to protect you from getting robbed? How cool is that.

Betabrand, in collaboration with Norton have introduced a line of garments intended to protect you from digital pick-pockets. The clothing makes use of signal blockers in its material, offering a layer of protection from being a victim of cyber crime

Soon these jeans which do more than literally cover your ass will be possible as the San Francisco based online company plans to release clothing that fights cyber crime by February 2015.

They are designed specifically to stop thieves from tapping into radio frequency identification (RFID) tagged items, such as your passports or credit cards.

While smart identification has many benefits it comes with a cost. All it takes is a quick scan of the document while you’re waiting in line at the grocery store for you to be robbed of your cash, or even your identity. Evidently, as many as 19 people per minute fall victim to identity theft in the U.S.

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But, as they say, technology is a mixed blessing. That why these jeans are designed to block such threats, using silver based material to block signals that can tap into your identity.

Apart from jeans, they are also planning to introduce blazers which go for a whooping $151 and $198 respectively.

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