Bizarre Computer Glitches Ignite Fear Of Cyber Attack

A mysterious series of computer glitches Wednesday morning erupted fear of a cyber attack. Are the network errors coincidences or should we all start panicking?

computer glitch

On Wednesday morning, several organizations experienced mysterious technical glitches inciting panic of a cyber attack.

The New York Stock Exchange halted all trading on Wednesday after a computer malfunction. The NYSE sent out an alert of "a reported issue with a gateway connection,” but denies the company is a victim of a cyber attack —although the cause of the glitch has not been clearly determined. Officials said a technical malfunction froze computers on the trading floor. The market reopened for the last 50 minutes of the trading day. 

United Airlines was forced to ground all planes Wednesday morning due to a computer system glitch that stranded thousands of passengers today and sent off a whirlwind of heavy delays in airports across the country. The airline said it was recovering from a “network connectivity issue.”

"An issue with a router degraded network connectivity for various applications, causing this morning's operational disruption. We fixed the router issue, which is enabling us to restore normal functions," United Airlines told USA TODAY in a statement. 

“At this point, there is no indication malicious actors were involved in these technology issues," the White House press secretary Josh Earnest said in a statement. 

Subsequently after these network fails, the Wall Street Journal website went dark and 2,500 people in Washington D.C. lost power.

While the companies are rejecting the possibility of a cyber attack, the answer to the mysterious series of glitches remains today’s big question mark. 

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