BlackBerry's Social Media Team Caught Tweeting From An iPhone. Who Can Blame Them?

Let’s face it, BlackBerry will forever be in the shadow of Apple.

It’s was probably a normal day at work for social media gurus over at BlackBerry, except for the part where some genius put together 140 characters to compose a tweet – only to show millions of followers that even they prefer to use an iPhone! 

Yikes! Talk about free advertising for the competition! Whoever sent out that tweet must’ve had a major “doh” moment, because that tweet has since been removed.

blackberry vs iphone tweet fail Embarrassing as it may be for BlackBerry, it is not really surprising for the aging tech brand, a favorite of governments and not many other people. Maybe it would have been a surprise if a competitor such as Apple or Samsung were caught using BlackBerry.

samsung vs apple vs andtroid vs ios

The smartphone company has been struggling to compete in the market.

blackberry market

blackberry epic fail sell

There are plenty of reasons for BlackBerry users to complain, as the smartphones evidently comes with a variety of problems that range from crappy apps to bad battery life.

blackberry vs iphone

They’ve recently tried to compete with Apple, offering to buy an iPhone for a cheap price in exchange for being a BlackBerry customer.

blackberry epic tweet fail

Are You One Of Those? iPhone Withdrawal Makes Its Addicts Dumber, New Study Finds

Apple isn’t the only company that BlackBerry has to compete with. It’s been reported that many smartphone users are now switching over to the darker side, i.e. to Android operating systems.

blackberry vs android


apple samsung windows

Smartphone users have been known to be described as stupid. But what about the people who work for smartphone companies? BlackBerry’s struggle remains eternal.

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