Calculator Has 6 Times More Processing Power Than Apollo 11 And Other Mind Blowing Facts

The world will amaze you. It’s not surprise that computing power continues to get more powerful in short periods of time,

But the fact that the TI-83 graphing calculator is several times more powerful than the computer that got us to the moon is staggering. Not only does it speak volumes about the sophistication behind technologies we can hold in our very own hand, it also says a lot about what engineers were able to do with very little back in 1969.

Here are some other facts that will blow your mind.


The combined weight of ants world over is roughly the same as the combined weight of humans.


In the 1990s, half of all CD production worldwide was solely for AOL.


People are scared of dying by shark attack or snake bites. But mosquitos kill 725,000 people every year. That is 15 times more than snakes and 72,000 times more than sharks.



We arguably know more about Venus than we do about the bottom of our ocean. We have mapped 98% of Venus at a resolution of 100 m and only 15% of our ocean floor at 100 m.


The Matrix

We could literally be living in the real life version of The Matrix.


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