This Chinese App Lets Users Enlist Local Thugs To Dish Out Beatings

In China, you only need a mobile phone and an internet connection to get someone beaten up.

Apparently, hiring a local ruffian to give someone a good beating is quite an easy thing in China. You just need to download an app, search through the listings and buy the services of an anonymous guy who’ll beat up anyone you ask him to for what's frankly just a bit of money.

A Chinese app called “Didi Da Ren” did exactly that. It enabled users to recruit thugs and arrange assaults all through a swipe of their finger. The ideal candidates featured on the listing were gym coaches, retired soldiers and local crooks.

It might sound unbelievable to some, but if you can order food, buy clothes, call taxi and find dates through your mobile phone, why not be able hire a hit man too? Even if it’s highly illegal and could potentially land someone in big trouble.

The idea for this disturbing app started with a satirical video released by an online talk show. The ad depicted “helpless nurses and schoolgirls” enlisting bodyguards through an app to beat down their bullies. Unfortunately, it became a reality when “Changsha Zhang Kong” – an app creating company – released it on the Chinese app store.

This app only came to limelight when a Kunming reporter placed a fake listing on the app to investigate it. He received the phone number of a thug in Shanghai who claimed to be able to put anyone in hospital for just 200-500 RMB (US $30-80). The guy required a photo of the victim and a time and place to encounter them. The services were to be booked at least two days in advance and the payment was supposed to be made online after the job was done.

Chinese play store has removed the illicit app, though it was reportedly downloaded 40,000 times. The app was also being use to hire escorts. Meanwhile, the creators of the app insist they never intended for the app to be used for illegal activities.

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