In Polluted China, Technology Helps Mask Wearers Show Their True Emotions

No longer will you be able to wear these masks to hide your pain, or any other emotion!

Pollution is undeniably a growing concern in all parts of the world. But in light of the growing trend of wearing air masks in China and Japan, collaborators Simone Rebaudengo and Paul Adams along with an NGO, the Shanghai Hackerspace Xinchejian, were inspired to do a series of experiments titled Unmask.

The first part of the series involved a prototype mask which makes use of an LED matrix and technology that can detect facial expressions so that these mask wearing people have certain expressions on their face.

It’s pretty awesome, if you’ve ever had a hard time reading a masked person’s expression. So it’s no surprise that the Chinese duo have collaborated with this particular NGO whose aim is to integrate a peaceful coexistence of technology with people.

And that’s exactly what these masks do. Check out the video to see four human expressions as portrayed through the wonders of technology.

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