730 Miles Apart, Man Plays With His Son On The World’s Longest Seesaw

Liu Haibin, a loving father from China, has found an ingenious way to enjoy a seesaw ride with his 8-month-old son living in another city.

If there’s an award out there for the world’s coolest father, this man from China totally deserves it after he built what the media is calling the “world's longest seesaw.”

Liu Haibin, from Xiamen City, is able to enjoy a seesaw ride with his 8-month-old son who lives 730 miles away in Tengzhou City.

But how does he do it despite the enormous distance between them?

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Using wireless internet signals and remote sensor data and HD television screens, Liu is able to create an effect which feels like they’re both sitting on the same plank.

“I want to leave some good childhood memories for my boy,” he was quoted as saying. “Hopefully he will remember when he grows up that his father has tried to make him happy.”

Liu added the inspiration behind his project comes from his own childhood when his father used to come home early to play with him on the seesaw. “This memory always gives me strength, so I want to give my son memories that fill him with love,” he said.

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