Think You've Seen The Worst Of Comcast and EA? Think Again

May, 6, 2014: What happens when two of the very worst companies join forces? You'll find that out soon.

The one good thing about most pantomime villains is that their eras don't usually overlap, and they don't form alliances either. Satan and Hitler remained mutually exclusive entities, and Metta World Peace (formerly Ron Artest) arrived in the NBA long after Dennis Rodman had left.

There are exceptions to this trend though, as news has emerged that Comcast and Electronic Arts (EA) are close to finalizing a joint venture that'd see the former stream the latter's games.

These are the two companies that have dominated polls for worst companies in the US for the past few years, which is why their partnership is the kind of stuff that is straight out of horror movies. Only this year, Comcast ended EA's two-year supremacy of the Consumerist's Worst Company In America survey and became the baddest boys in business. Coupled with their 2010 win, Comcast now also have two such unenviable titles.

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Also worth noting here is the fact that these two are the only companies to have been branded the worst of the worst on more than one occasion. It is these consistently low levels of customer satisfaction that is sending chills down the spines of American cable users and video game enthusiasts.

Details about this combined service are limited at this point, but unnamed Reuters sources claim it involves offering Comcast customers EA titles from series such as FIFA," "Madden," "Monopoly" and "Plants vs. Zombies" through streaming. It would basically be a cloud gaming service on XFINITY TV and is likely to operate on the pay-per-view model that's common on Cable TV.

While it's a positive step and one that Comcast needed to take in order to remain competitive, both the companies' reputation is keeping the critics expecting the worst. Let's hope this venture turns into both the companies keeping each other's negative tendencies in check rather than it being the other way around.

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