Comcast: The Worst Company In America Claims It's The Best

April, 22, 2014: A Comcast lobbyist has claimed that the cable company does a great job with 99% of its customers.

Upon hearing a mention of Comcast Corporation, the first thing that comes to our minds is bad customer service.

So you can imagine its critics' outrage when the company fails to own up to  its inadequacies and instead, makes a claim that is the complete opposite of reality.

Comcast, the world's largest cable company, has claimed through a lobbyist that 99% of its customers are satisfied with the service they provide.

This is the same Comcast that was named the worst company in America in Consumerist's annual poll, last month, and has callously tortured its subscribers with bad service for years. It had lifted the same Golden Poo trophy in 2010 too, which shows how consistent the cable company has been when it comes to being at its worst.

Unwanted titles like these are quite frequent in the life of Comcast. In the past decade, there hasn't been a negative customer service survey it hasn't topped. So you can imagine their customers' feelings when their unofficial rep David Cohen came forward on Monday to claim:

"I point out we get over 300 million service calls a year. A million a day. So if we do a great job on 99 percent of them, then we are going to have three million people” who are angry — “and we do a great job on way more than 99 percent."

Yes, take a moment to absorb the complete absurdity of the aforementioned statement. Cohen is basically trying to cover up Comcast's shortcomings through the tried-and-failed argument of volume. But he ignores the fact that participants in each and every survey have bad things to say about his company.

You don't even have to dig deep online to find pages and pages of unhappy Comcast customers venting their fury. A simple Google search would fix you up with plenty.

Check this. In 2011, one Redditor had to say this about Comcast customer service:

"At least 3 times a week our internet will fail for sometimes between a half hour... sometimes up to 4 hours, we've had several instances where the internet was out all night. When we call Comcast they say 'oh everything is fine on our end, it must just be your computer'. My computer won't work, my wife's won't work and neither will my netbook. The modem itself shows no signal from Comcast but they still insist that everything is fine. 4 times in 2 years they've sent someone out to "replace the faulty modem" Does it fix the problem? Oh not at all. Comcast sucks and unfortunately they're the only game in town where I live so I can't just choose a different provider. Monopolies FTW!"

But it's a three-year old complaint. They might have gotten better now.

If that's what you're thinking, check these tweets:

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