Do You Believe That Science Can Bring You Closer To Religion? Creationists Do.

Neil deGrasse Tyson has actively tried to dispel the Young Earth creationists’ beliefs but some argue it brings them closer to God.

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Neil deGrasse Tyson’s television series Cosmos is sparking controversy far and wide with the hottest debate being between the scientific community and creationists. Tyson has repeatedly disproved creationism on his show but his efforts seem to strengthen religious faith for some.

The most vocal religious critics of Tyson’s show are the Young Earth creationists, who believe that the Earth is just around six thousand years old. Fundamentalist Muslims and Christians as well as Orthodox Jews are becoming increasingly vociferous since the inception of Cosmos.

While the show may have undoubtedly persuaded a lot of borderline creationists to adapt scientific evidence, some say it has strengthened their belief in God instead.

Such opinions are more frequently reflected in recent creationist literature. Rabbi Michael Knopf has stated in his essay Science and religion need each other. Would Cosmos’ Neil deGrasse Tyson agree? that belief in the origins of the universe can deepen the personal relationship many feel they have with God.

Another instance is the recent essay by Christian author Edward T. Bowser entitled Fox’s ‘Cosmos’ isn’t an affront to religion, it’s divine confirmation of faith. The title says it all.

The belief that scientific argument may end up strengthening the creationist faith is not unprecedented. The recent, and notorious, debate between renowned scientist Bill Nye and, founder of the Creation Museum, Ken Ham, proved to be counterproductive as not only did it equate creationism on an equal level as science,  it resulted in Ham earning wads of cash for his museum.

To sum up, it would be fair to say that despite countless attempts to explain the origins of the universe, the debate between science and creationism will not reach a conclusion anytime soon.

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