These Tech Freaks Are Taking iPhone Fandom To A Whole New Level

iPhone lovers don't get any more dedicated than these.

iphone 6

There are those whose lives revolve around the latest technology gadgets.

A queue has started forming outside New York City's Apple Store in anticipation of the upcoming release of the new iPhone 6.

Apple is set to unveil the latest installment of its flagship smartphone series on September 9, which will be followed by its commercial release 10days later. But that didn't stop people from lining up outside the company's store from as early on as mid-August.

iphone 6

As per the Daily Mail, the first in the iPhone 6 line is Joseph Cruz who set himself up outside the Apple outlet sometime last month, and is accompanied by his cousin. A day after their arrival, they were joined by the married couple, Jason and Moon Ray who have come to New York all the way from Austin, Texas and are fully equipped to last the wait no matter how long it is.

Not only are they on track to becoming the first few customers to lay hands on the iPhone 6, they will also get it for free. In fact, their entire six week trip is being financed by tech companies whose shirts they're wearing.

iphone 6

While doing it for the free phone, money and food makes sense, something tells us that Cruz would have been there even if he wasn't getting paid for it.

"I'm a veteran at this. I have done this every year for the past five years now," he said."The first time I did it for two weeks was last year. Me and my cousin do it for the experience and we know that we'll get sponsored by companies. They're basically buying us the new iPhone, paying for our food and we're advertising their company."

It's behavior like this that has given rise to digital age phenomenon like smartphone addiction. According to Nielsen's Digital Consumer Report, a whopping 65 percent of all Americans now at least own one smartphone.

On average, smartphones end up costing each American citizen at least eight hours of their life on a daily basis. Yet, this tech craze would have been totally understandable had new editions of high-end smartphones offered cutting edge technology each year. But the reality is that for the past several years it's been more a case of old wine in a new bottle as far as the iPhones and Samsung's Galaxy series are concerned.

Rumor has it, that the new iPhone 6 will end that trend with a bigger screen, super-fast WiFi chip and a much bigger battery, but again those sound more like improvements rather than truly groundbreaking features. It's certainly not something worth uprooting your life for.

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