8 Really Dumb (Or Genius?) Ways To Charge Your Smartphone

For the people who can't live without their phones, even for a minute.

Our livelihoods are now directly linked to our smartphones. Spending hours on those gadgets, we depend on them for work, to make social plans, to entertain us and keep us constantly connected to the happenings of our loved ones in far-away places (bless you, WhatsApp).

Yet, eventually for all tech-junkies and Instagram addicts, the once source of superficial joy becomes a source of frustration when it runs out of juice.

How long a battery lasts is a growing concern as new apps enter the market like Barbie dolls and most people struggle to make battery life last till the end of the day.

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Here are some of the dumbest, if not most innovative, ideas that have come about to recharge our phones.

1) Headphones that charge your phone as you listen to your song of the day on repeat. 

headphone charging phone

Although from the looks of it, you’d have a hard time using this device while going for a jog. You would look quite stupid with headphones this big – so much for being smart.

2) But wait! There’s a kinetic charging device.kinetic charging device

The way this product work is genius. Produced by AMPY’s, this device solves the jogging problem, as it charges your phone based on your body movement. So you can even use this while hiking.

 3) Hail procrastination as you charge your phone while drinking.

quirky inventions charging phone battery

But then again, the idea of keeping an expensive piece of technology near liquid, or rather, connected to a coaster on which a glass of liquid rests is not exactly genius.

4) Maybe that’s why this came around.
charging smartphone batteries

These are battery infused mugs called the EFFIC mug. That solves the possibility of spilling supposedly, but there’s still a dangerously close liquid to gadget proximity.

5)  Vampires probably came up with this idea of using your own blood.

battery charger smartphone

But no, it was in fact by Naomi Kizhner , who came up with jewelry that would use human blood as part of her Energy Addicts project. Thankfully, not many people had the nerve to try it. Though theoretically, it included being able to recharge phones on its usage.  

6) Finally, something practical – a keychain.

Produced by Flintu, an Australian creative duo, this keychain contains a massive 9-volt battery and device to connect a charging dock to your phone. Finally, something handy!

7) Tommy Hilfiger wanted in on this market too, hence designer solar jackets:
solar power smartphone charger

In collaboration with Pvilion, these limited edition jackets were designed so your phone or tablet could be charged inside those packets you see via USB. The only problem with this is that it looks like you’re dressed in a bullet-proof vest.

Saving the best for last, there’s an idea that thankfully hasn’t been brought to the market yet.

8) It’s poop.

But the fact that it exists in theory speaks for itself. 

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