Landfill Of Atari Video Games Found Buried In New Mexico Desert

April, 28, 2014: Millions of copies of the infamous Atari video game E.T. The Extra Terrestrial found in New Mexico desert.

You must have heard about archaeological or paleontological excavations to dig up lost civilizations or dinosaurs buried underneath the Earth's crust for thousands and even millions of years.

But do you know a dig was organized recently in the deserts of New Mexico to retrieve Atari video games that were dumped there some three decades ago by the company itself.

For years and years, video game enthusiasts and historians suspected that Atari buried millions of copies of its 1982 video game “E.T. The Extra Terrestrial” into the ground after it tanked horrendously in the market.

Made haphazardly to cash in on Steven Spielberg's ET fame, the game is widely regarded as the worst ever of all-time. Legend has it that all 5 million units of it either remained unsold or were returned by unhappy gamers. It resulted in a financial disaster of almost half a billion for its makers and even caused a massive recession in the gaming industry the next year.

The embarrassment was so huge that Atari dumped all of its units into the desert under extreme secrecy. The story still got leaked somehow but nothing was done about it until now.

Fuel Entertainment and Xbox Entertainment are making a documentary on the history of Atari, so they decided to check whether or not the biggest myth about the company was true. It turns out everything

about the story was spot on. The excavation took place over the weekend amidst a crowd of video game historians who had brought their Atari 2600 consoles with them in order to try out if any salvaged cartridge was still in working condition. Check these images out:

The solving of this digital age mystery brought out a massive response on Twitter:

In case you're wondering how bad could E.T. The Extra Terrestrial be, check this:

Yeah, they should burry it again, and not on our planet. Try Mars.

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