Freedom The Turtle Is Back Mingling With The Ladies, Thanks to His Prosthetic Fin

Freedom is free, thanks to his new fin, but it won't last for long, because he's datin'.

Green sea turtles can live up to eighty years on average, but that didn't look like a genuine possibility for one such reptile that lost a fin in an accident.

Named "Freedom," this endangered member of the Cheloniidae family was set for a life of disability until he was found by Shlomo Gez – an industrial design student.

The 20-year-old turtle lost its left flipper four years ago after getting tangled in a fishing net – a common fate for species of its kind. But fortunately, he was brought to a rescue center in the north of Tel Aviv, where it caught the eye of Gez, who then decided to fit Freedom with a prosthetic fin.

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"It's based on fish biomimicry, in fish the back fin of the fish it does just balance," explained Freedom's savior in his broken english.

Gez's device is still a work in progress and will need more time and development for it to be a perfect fit for Freedom. However, the rescue center's manager Yaniv Levy believes they've come a long way.

He said: "...It's getting better and better and I can say today that when he has the fins on him, he's much calmer, he doesn't get into panic, he doesn't have any problems anymore."

He may not have any major problems now, but there could soon be one of an entirely different nature. Apparently, Freedom is dating a female turtle named Tzurit, and their caregivers' plan for them is to eventually mate.

Well, there goes his Freedom, then.

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