Is Amazon's New 'Dash Button' Just Another Lazy Invention?

Some inventions might be taking an appreciation for "convenience" a little too far and fostering an extremely lazy society.

Amazon officially released its new “dash button” which is a $5 Wi-Fi enabled device that allows people to order specific products with just the press of a button.

dash button

Nearly 20 brands have partnered with Amazon for these new gadgets, only available to Amazon Prime users that pay an annual $100 subscription fee.

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The device is small and plastic and has an adhesive on the back to stick around the house. If you have a Tide dash button for example, it’s expected that you would stick it on your washing machine or for food items, somewhere in your kitchen.

The dash button is also automatically programmed to allow only one purchase per press – which can be changed in the settings – but prevents accidental orders.

The debate has sparked whether or not this device is actually useful or just another item in the long list of products invented for lazy people.

I would have to agree with the latter assessment. The dash button takes laziness to a whole new height, you already can make purchases from any mobile device instantly and yet Amazon felt that making purchases needed to be even more “convenient” by creating little buttons to stick everywhere in your house?  Absurd!

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Americans, in particular, seem to have a history with lazy inventions, it's no wonder why there's an obesity issue. No one has to be active anymore. With the many services and devices on the market, you really never have to get out of bed except maybe to go to work. 

Check out some other items made to make life “easier” for us, but really just promote pure laziness. 

The Comcast Xfinity voice controlled remote:

voice controlled remote

Who needs to actually press channel numbers when you can just tell your remote what to do...Pretty much anything voice activated is just plain lazy. 

The Segway 

The Segway

The segway is seemingly only used by security personnel, perhaps to eliminate any kind of fitness requirement from the job criteria. No need to run to catch culprits just chase them down on your glorified scooter. 

The Pasta Twirling Fork 

Pasta Twirling Fork

I understand the struggle to get my pasta to cooperate on my fork but you've just got to figure it out. You can't take a twirling fork with you everywhere. 

Same-day Shopping Delivery Services 

Shopping Delivery Services

If you are so impatient that you can't wait three to five business days for a package and you are too lazy to go to the store yourself and purchase your item, you don't deserve to have it. This immediate front door service is only acceptable as it relates to the elderly or disabled. 

Clap On Lights 

Clap On Lights

I have to admit...I've always wished I had clap on lights but I can't deny the laziness it encourages. Just get up and flip the switch! 

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