Is Your Webcam Terrible At Its Only Job?

A quick fix for your worst pics. They say a camera adds ten pounds.

But when it comes to unflattering photos, your average camera has nothing on your webcam. Whether you’re video-chatting with a friend, or attempting to take a passable selfie, you’ve likely never looked less appealing (or more like a victim of sunburn). Your face might look ghost-pale and pixilated, or vacillate in color between an alien green and the blue tint of a Japanese horror film.

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You’ll likely move around a bit, trying to catch better lighting, or use a photo editing software to put some color back in your cheeks.

Short of donning a full face of stage makeup, there’s probably not much you can do to improve your webcam woes.



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Or is there?

The reason you look like a smurf in your picture is because your webcam is attempting to find a color balance. It locks in on the brightest object in your frame, assumes that it is white in color, and adjusts everything else accordingly. So if the brightest object in your frame is your face, and your face isn’t white as a sheet of paper (or maybe it is. We don’t know you), your face and the rest of the objects in screen look….off. Colorwise.

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Any white object will do. Where a white shirt. Don a bright hat. If you have stunningly pearly teeth, flash ‘em.

(Scratch that last one. That probably won’t work).

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We tried this out with a white purse. Take it off screen? You’re back to circa 90s video quality. You may as well have a dial-up for all you care.

On screen? Flawless.

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