Crikey! Driverless Cars Coming To UK Cities

But how do you flip off a computer? Come 2015, a very odd sight could take over streets in the United Kingdom: driverless cars.

The UK's Department of Transport will launch pilot programs in three cities in the new year for the technologically advanced cars.

Innovators are racing each other to come up with new models of driverless cars. Google has one that has logged 300,000 miles on the open road, the BBC reports. Researchers at the University of Oxford are working on their own model; Volvo, BMZ, Mercedes-Benz, General Motors and Nissan have cars in the works. 

It's anyone's guess what driverless cars will look like if and when they debut on the market. They might not even have traditional controls -- Google's latest car abandons the steering wheel altogether.

The UK will award a total of £10 million ($16.9 million) to the three cities selected to run pilot programs on driverless cars.

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