Facebook Set to Become Stalker's Paradise With New Ask Button

May 20, 2014: Facebook just did something that might draw a loud cheer from all the stalkers of the world.


In a move that would delight single souls, Facebook has launched a new Ask feature that in theory could facilitate online dating but might also creep someone out.

Most Facebookers share everything about themselves with their friends, but some like to keep things private. It happens quite often that the prettiest people's profiles offer no information whatsoever regarding their relationship status. To help their admirers' cause, the website has introduced the Ask button, through which a friend can ask the object of their desire whether he/she is single, married, etc.

The good thing is that no one else other than the questioner and the targeted friend would know about it. Moreover, the person from whom the question has been asked will still be at the liberty to answer or ignore the request.


The inquiry, however, cannot be initiated with a simple question. One has to include the reason for your curiosity, and that could just be the thing that might turn a friendship into something more.

At the same time, the Ask option could creep some people out and expose them to an unwanted question they might not be willing to answer. If it works the other way, it could also make friendships awkward.

Facebook has been testing the feature for the past few months, so its arrival was on the cards, but no one had any idea that it would have such a prominent dating angle to it.

This is what people on the Twitterverse think of the Ask button:

It's believed that the Ask button is being brought to counter the rise of emerging dating platforms like Tinder. It remains to be seen whether it will serve its intended purpose or simply become yet another annoying feature of Facebook.

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