This Is How Facebook Keeps Its Users Glued

April 25, 2014: Facebook is putting extra effort into expanding its user base by improving its newsfeed.

Facebook is trying its best not to be annoying and show you, the user, what you are really interested in.

Over time, people grew tired of the falling standards of top Facebook content, which mostly consisted of click-baits and like-baits.

This has now been sufficiently reduced by Facebook, which is currently working on improving the newsfeed by including stories that appeal the most. So exactly how does it work?

According to Slate’s Will Oremus, Facebook does this through surveys and analysis of the data of the time spent away from Facebook. The survey is one of the most effective tools to gather user reviews about newly-implemented changes in the news feed. Every time a new change is introduced, Facebook introduces it to a group of users and then makes analyses of its reception through survey results.

 Additionally, Facebook also monitors your offsite activity when you click a link on your newsfeed. Will Cathcart, who oversees the teams that work on the newsfeed, told Slate, “If you’re someone who, every time you see an article from the New York Times, you not only click on it, but go offsite and stay offsite for a while before you come back, we can probably infer that you in particular find articles from the New York Times more relevant.

According to statistics, whatever Facebook is doing seems to be working as the company continues to grow both in terms of profit and user base.

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