Facebook Just Got Seriously Creepy

Paging Big Brother: Facebook's Messenger app invades every part of your life.

The big Facebook news this week (besides Friday's outage that caused the requisite freak out) is the push to a separate app for messages and chat. But you might want to think twice.

Facebook will require phone and tablet users to download its Messenger app to continue using the message/chat function. It's another step toward the company foisting Facebook properties on users instead of letting them do everything in the general Facebook app.

But that's nothing compared to what you're agreeing to when you download the app. Blogger Sam Fiorella laid out exactly what users agree to when they install the app and it isn't pretty.

Facebook's Messenger app can:

  • Call phone numbers without your permission
  • Use your phone's microphone at any point without your permission
  • Access your contacts and collect data on who you call and email and how often
  • Take pictures and videos without your permission

The overreach in the terms of use -- which, admit it, you never read -- isn't anything new. Fiorella's original column dates back to December and the app is four years old. But with Facebook now requiring the Messenger app to access to messages on mobile devices, a lot of people are signing their privacy rights over to Facebook.

And they probably don't even know it.

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