Facebook Learns A lesson: Users Now Offered Money For 'Testing'

August 6, 2014: It's about time Facebook shares some $$$ with those who've stood by its failed app Slingshot.


It seems Facebook has finally seen the error of its ways.

The social media giant was under fire earlier this year after news broke that it subjected unsuspecting users to clandestine psychological tests. After initial attempts justifying those tests, the site's management issued an apology.

It was established that Mark Zuckerberg's brainchild had committed a major blunder. Well, they're planning to conduct another series of studies, only this time they hope to do it right. They're seeking volunteers for a three-month study and will pay at least $200 to each participant.

But laying hands on these 200 smackeroos isn't that simple? To qualify for it, you need to be from that rare clan of digital species, which uses Facebook's flop Android app, "Slingshot".

“Calling all Slingshot fans! Join our hand-picked group working to make the app more awesome,” reads a new statement on the app's official website.

The activity itself wouldn't be too complicated. It would simply involve back and forth exchanges of basic Slingshot-related questions about usage. Well, we guess answering questions about this Snapchat-clone for an hour or two every week shouldn't be as painful as using it would be.

This is another in a long list of moves that Facebook has made to somehow become a major player in the photo messaging app business. Its Poke feature failed and attempts to acquire Snapchat did too. Maybe throwing money at the actual users will work.

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