If Taylor Swift Was an Online Security Expert, She'd Tweet Like This

While the real Taylor Swift may not be as cool, this fake one certainly is.

taylor swift

Taylor Swift's self-centered thoughts on love, romance and relationships are no secret, but what if she was an online security expert instead of a country music superstar?

Would she be changing anti-viruses like she changes boyfriends? She'd probably use Norton for a month, Avast for another, AVG for a little longer, and maybe turn to McAfee when all the others have bored her.

Or maybe if she'd make an anti-virus herself, she'd encrypt them with the ones she had uninstalled? Good thing is that we don't have to work our brains to know what a security guru in the mould of T-Swizzle would say.

A new Twitter account,@SwiftOnSecurity,has popped up that offers online security advice as only the "You Belong With Me" hitmaker can give. Some of her better ones are here:

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