Find Out When You Will Die

A new online calculator provides the best estimate of when you will die.

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The Living to 100 Life Expectancy Counter is the newest online tool you can use to calculate your life expectancy. While it can’t pinpoint the exact moment in which you will die, it does provide a pretty accurate estimate, based on genetics and everyday behaviors.

Developed by Thomas Perls, an attending geriatrician and medical professor, the tool asks questions about your lifestyle habits in order to determine you age of death. According to Business Insider, there is a total of 40 questions that include “your seatbelt usage, your family's medical history, your flossing habits, your work schedule, and more.”


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Perls founded The New England Centenarian Study, the largest study of centenarians in the world, so he is well-acquainted with the topic of aging.

And, while some of us might feel a little uneasy about finding out at what age we could potentially die, the tool also provides some helpful advice to extend your life expectancy as long as possible. Health is something that is often placed on the back burner these days, so it couldn’t hurt to learn more about what you’re working with. Although, make sure you check out the site’s privacy statement before you start answering questions about your medical history and other personal information.

Happy calculating!


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