Former Microsoft CEO Uses An iPhone. So What?

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer decided to get social and got a Twitter account. It was newsworthy enough but controversy ensued when Steve appeared to tweet via an iPhone...

It created a fuss:

Some even wonder if the account is his.

Even Gizmodo is trying to figure out whether Steve has switched loyalties or this is a fake account:

However, Ballmer has apparently tweeted before. His first was a, wait for it, selfie.

Just as easily, Ballmer quashed all the fake account rumors by confirming that the account was indeed his:

Yet the confusion, about whether the account was real or fake remains.

Steve no longer works with Microsoft and has the right to use any brand he wants to. It’s like saying someone working at Walmart can’t shop anywhere else.

Steven A. Ballmer, Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft Corporation since January 2000 announced in 2013 that he would be leaving Microsoft, a company he had been with since 1980, a year later. Sure enough earlier this year Satya Nadella took over.

Watch: Steve Ballmer Weeps Through His Retirement Speech To 13,000 Employees

Ballmer, a Stanford University Graduate, was the first Business Manager hired by Bill Gates and was the President at Microsoft Corp. from July 1998 to February 2001, Executive Vice President, Sales and Support since February 1992 Executive Director of Microsoft Corporation since January 2000.

He spent a lifetime with Microsoft; but he’s not there anymore. He retires; moved on. Let him.

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