Homemade Gadget Capable Of Breaking Any Master Lock Code

Should this Combo Breaker worry you? Does your Master Lock make you feel secure? It probably won’t by the time you’re done reading this.

Sami Kamkar

Sami Kamkar, a hacker and engineer has come up with a gadget that will make the security of your Master Lock obsolete. The homemade gadget, Combo Breaker, is made up of only off-the-shelf parts but has the capability to crack the secret code of any Master Lock in a few seconds.

Creator of the Combo Breaker, Sami, is himself a pro at cracking Master Locks through feeling out the hitches while carefully spinning the dial. When he decided to take his dangerous hobby of cracking combos to the next level, Combo Breaker was created.

The mechanism behind this gadget is simple enough, one part checks for resistance while rotating the dial in order to feel for the combo and a small level tugs at times to see if the lock has budged.

Interested in going further behind the scenes of this gadget? Let out the nerd in you with this video of Kamkar explaining exactly what happens.

So hurry up and hide your valuables behind a lock that’s harder to break. On the other hand, your lockers and sock drawers probably don’t need extra barricading against the Combo Breaker.

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