This Crazy Elevator Is Straight Out Of Willy Wonka

Imagine a world where elevators can go up and down as well as sideways -and without cables.

The Wonkavator from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is here.

Hard to imagine isn’t it? But a company has made it possible.

ThyssenKrupp, a German tech company, has not only envisioned such an elevator, they are ready to make it happen.

Welcome MULTI.

MULTI is a revolution in the world of elevators. The cable-less elevators will be able to self-propel both horizontally and vertically along skyscrapers with the help of linear motor technology similar to that of magnetic levitation trains.

What’s more, these will have several elevators traveling in smaller shafts with the ability to bend at right angles that will not only make travel quicker but reduce wait time as well.

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“The era of the rope-dependent elevator is now over, 160 years after its invention,” Andreas Schierenbeck of ThyssenKrupp says in a press release. Testing for the new system will begin at a brand new testing tower in Rottweil, Germany, starting in 2016.

Is the era of the Wonkavators really here?

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