Your Jetsons Dream of Flying Cars Is Hapening In Germany

A German firm is going to introduce a flying car into the market.

Tired of the traffic you have to deal with on your daily commute? Well, no worries because soon you may be able to make use of these personal helicopters, which adopt the concept of flying cars.

If you have ever imagined what it would be like to live in technological advancement as seen in The Jetsons, or wondered how magical it could be to fly a car like in Harry Potter? Watch this video to check out the simulated experience.

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A German company, E-volo, is expected to make the flying car available on the market. The Volocopter has 18 rotors and claims to be “easy to drive as car.” By 2016, commuters who can afford the cost of €250,000 for one Volocopter will be able to look forward to bluer skies and less congested traffic.

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