Google Exec Tells Us To Not Work Too Hard. Deal!

July 8, 2014: What good is science and technology if it can't let a guy relax when he wants to?

Google Co Founders

The entire purpose of dedicating so many resources to science and tech research was to make people’s life easier. But workplaces are full of overworked unhappy employees living a hard life.

Yes, the fruits of the tech industry are there for all of us to enjoy, but what good are they if most people are still required to work their asses off everyday at meaningless jobs to pay their bills? Fortunately, some of the world's richest people understand this, and they believe modern urban life shouldn't be as hectic as it is.

The men in question are Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who in an interview with their fellow billionaire Vinod Khosla said that people should have part-time jobs that pay them just as much as full-time jobs do.

"I totally believe we should be living in a time of abundance, like Peter Diamandis' book. If you really think about the things that you need to make yourself happy — housing, security, opportunities for your kids — it's not that hard for us to provide those things," said Page, before adding: "So the idea that everyone needs to work frantically to meet people's needs is just not true."

While it all sounds good, it is a bit ironic to see such ideas coming from two guys whose own company is the worst when it comes to overworked employees.

It's a well-known fact about Google that its employees work long hours – sometimes even days without a break. It's highly competitive pay and other on-campus amenities do make life a little easier, but its no match for some quality time alone or with loved ones.

So, Mr. Page, the idea you've put forward is generous and all, but why don't you start this revolution within your own company?

Check out the video of Page and Brin's interview with Khosla down below:

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