How Google Usurped Apple In The Race Of Top Brands

May, 22, 2014: 'Think Different' was Apple's slogan, but Google has been using it.


So the effect of Steve Jobs has finally begun to wear out from Apple.

News came out recently that it's Google, and not Apple, which is now the world's most valuable brand, according to a market research by Millward Brown.

Named Global BrandZ, the report observed that Apple’s brand value plummeted 20 percent in the last 12 months to become $148 billion, while Google's experienced a massive 40 percent hike to reach the $159 billion mark.

The Cupertino-based phonemaker had dominated the report for the past three years, which is why their unseating from the top spot surprised people. Those who have been keeping a close eye on the pair's business moves these last few years, however, were expecting it. In fact, they expect the search engine giant to open up a major gap at the top between themselves and the rest of the chasing pack.

Even if Apple's iPhone 6 – expected to come out later this year – proves to be a massive hit, experts don't see the company reclaiming the top spot in the brands race. This is despite Apple being twice the size of the company that Google is.

Owing to the nature of its products and its dedicated fanbase, Apple's revenue, income, assets, and most other financial barometers are more than double to that of Google.

The one and only category Google has the edge in is the intangible quality of 'creativity.' Firsthand accounts of former Apple employees have revealed how Jobs' brainchild has now become a stringent organization where conventional corporate practices have replaced the art of creation. Maybe the company is as it was even when Jobs was in charge, but the mentality of 'Think Different' is certainly missing now.

On the other hand, Google's acquisitions of the recent past show that it is branching out into fields that are not only new to them, but to the whole of mankind. The prime example of its innovative mentality is its Google X laboratory, which aims to develop science fiction-sounding technology. The Google Glass, driverless cars and the internet balloon project are all the fruits of Google X.

Apple has settled into its comfort zone, rarely thinking outside the box or venturing into ground-breaking technology that is not related to smartphones or tablet computers. As a result, it's losing ground, and unless a change of approach takes place, being usurped in a market survey will be start of many such setbacks.

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