Google’s Driverless Car Coming Soon To A Street Near You

April, 29, 2014: Driverless cars could come out a lot earlier than you think.

The day isn't far when streets would be filled with self-driving cars programmed by Google.

The tech giant has announced that its driverless cars have gotten smarter and can now easily navigate in an urban environment without any supervision. This has become possible only after Google fed the car's database with more than 700,000 miles of road experience during which it encountered almost everything that happens on the streets.

As a result, Google says its cars are now capable enough of anticipating street challenges that come in the form of unruly jaywalkers, weaving cyclists, novice drivers, etc. However, it isn't enough, and Google plans on honing the car's aptitude even more before its big launch in 2017.

Other specialist carmakers are also working on self-driving projects, but Google's tech expertise means it has a major edge. Unlike its rivals, Google also plans on launching the entire thing in one-go instead of introducing automated features piece by piece, which reflects its confidence.

But while Google is sure the car would hit the market in three years' time, other industry experts aren't sure about that forecast.

"I think the Google technology is great stuff, but I just don’t see a quick pathway to the market,” said David Alexander, a senior analyst with Navigant Research.

To counter that skepticism, Google has released a video blog post in which a complete demonstration of its self-driving car is given. Check it out at the top of this page.

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