GTA V's Graphic Sex Scenes Have Critics And Parents Riled Up

Has Rockstar gone a bit too far in trying to make GTA V real?


Popular video game Grand Theft Auto V's new first-person camera angle allows players to have POV sex (NSFW) with in-game prostitutes – and this has caused a massive outrage.

The game was originally released last year, but its PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions have only just come out. The creators of the game, Rockstar North, has made several changes to the new enhanced release, the most significant being gamers' ability to play in first-person perspective.

Sexual encounters are actually nothing new in GTA titles and have been frowned upon previously but never with such intensity. What's changed this time is that while such sequences were previously portrayed from a voyeur's perspective, the game's new POV feature allows gamers to experience the game play in a manner that’s far too close to real life. That hasn't set well with critics and parenting groups who feel it's completely inappropriate and that Rockstar has gone a bit too far in trying to make GTA V as real as possible.

While the few detractors have managed to make their opposition loud and clear, the reality is that actual gamers have no such qualms. If anything, the graphic sequence has given them one more reason to buy a copy of the game and add to its revenue, which by the way have exceeded $2 billion.

Critics are concerned how the game might affect the minds of young generation that may not be ready to handle such adult content. However, it is worth noting that GTA V has an explicit rating of 18+. Hence, if an underage gamer comes in possession of it, it's his parent's fault and not the video game maker's.

Also making a comeback is the old and disapproved argument that violent gaming content leads to violent behavior in real life. Is it possible that millions of GTA V's adult gamers start seeking hookers and murdering them after doing the same in game? If this was to happen, it would have by now. A popular counter argument is that if anything, violence in video games actually provides cathartic relief for gamers.

But it doesn't mean there is no validity whatsoever in the argument of those concerned by GTA V's adult content. Despite its adult rating, underage gamers make up for a large contingent of its gamers, and they do end up playing it one way or another. The need is for Rockstar to perhaps cater to that demographic via PG versions.

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