Major Scientific Discovery Expected Today; What Could It Be?

Today could be a big day in the history of human innovation, and even mankind.

Today could be a big day in the history of human innovation, and even mankind.

In the most mysterious way possible, a team of scientists at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA) has invited media representatives to gather up inside their auditorium just before noon.

Speculation is rife that news of a major discovery will be given during the scheduled press conference. However, so far no official info regarding the nature of their discovery has been leaked, and that has spawned a number of theories online, some of which are briefly touched upon below:

Discovery of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Search parties haven't found it, satellite sources don't have a clue, may be it flew into space and astrophysicists have found it.

Aliens on Mars

With Wikipedia being our guiding principle, we believe Astrophysics has something to do with the universe. And what's the most fascinating and mysterious thing about all that black space up there? Aliens, of course. After centuries of searching, maybe the right people have found extraterrestrial life.


The world has been waiting for this fictitious energy weapon ever since it debuted on the first Star Wars movie in 1977.


Like the lightsaber, the hoverboard is another concept product which should've become a reality by now due to the technological advancements our world has seen. Instead, we've to suffice with stunts like these. Astrophysics has nothing directly to do with hoverboards, but when you're wishing, you can wish for anything.


Another one of those cool, futuristic things that have us drooling every time we see them in bad sci-fi movies. But sadly, so far there are no signs we might see it anytime soon. Unless, of course, the CfA knows something we don't. After all, the concept of quantum teleportation does exist on paper.

Jump Drive

This is also like teleportation, only this is more possible. Basically, this here is a speculative invention that could enable traveling of information or matter faster than the speed of light.

The six possibilities may sound crazy, but you never know. Let's keep our fingers for the 11:55 am presser and hope those brainiacs at CfA have something cool in store for us.


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