These Gloves Tweet For You Every Time You Make The Hashtag Hand Sign

A team of geniuses has invented a Hashtag glove that lets you tweet with just a simple hand gesture.

Hashtag Gloves

Can you tweet without typing? Apparently, you can with the help of special gloves.

The Hashtag Glove was presented to the world during the 24 hours of HackHolyoke, an inventing and hacking session in November at Mount Holyoke College.

The event was held to promote female participation in hackathons.

Among other inventions with motion sensors, circuitry, virtual reality goggles, etc., was the Hashtag Glove.

Here’s the team of geniuses behind it:

All you have to do is make a Hashtag symbol with the ”gloved” hands and speak what you want tweeted and voila – it happens.

“There’s conductive fabric on the tips of the fingers, and we put a voltage across them,” one of the creators Byron Wasti told the Daily Dot. “And then you just short it, and it detects when you short the signal. It’s really basic."

Why is it so darn necessary to have a Hashtag glove, or the “social” emergency that it would help in, one might think.

Co-creator of the glove Keenen Zucker has an answer:

“We were looking at Google’s API and Twitter’s API… I don’t know how the glove idea particularly came, it was probably cold out,” he says. “I’m from California, so I’m not used to the cold, and… I thought it was funny to just combine those two ideas… the original idea was for snowboarding. If somebody can’t take their hands out of their pockets, they could use the gloves to say ‘that was a great run’ or something.”

Don’t get it? Here it is. See it in action:

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The Hashtag Glove is out to make its presence known. The team is active on Twitter – since Nov. 10, mind you – but for a glove that is all about the craze of tweeting, their Twitter account leaves much to be desired:

Hashtag Glove

So, who's up for it?

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