Twitter and Billboard Combine For The Good Of Music

May, 28, 2014: Billboard unveils a new music chart it has built in collaboration with Twitter.

Internet users have often complained that the kind of music they listen to never makes it to the sharp end of music charts. Questions have also been raised over the methods chart companies use to rate the hottest song.

To solve the issue and provide us digital natives with just the music that is making the rounds on the internet, Billboard and Twitter have joined forces. Their joint venture has resulted in two new charts, both of which take into account the music that is being talked the most about on Twitter.

Named the Trending 140, the first chart compiles the songs that have been shared the most times on the micro-blogging website on an hourly, daily or weekly basis. On the other hand, the Emerging Artists list, as its name suggests, considers only new singers in its selections.

As of right now, the Trending 140 has Lana Del Ray's Ultraviolence occupying the topmost position, followed by La Roux's Uptight Downtown and Pharrell Williams' Here.

Behind these charts is a special algorithm, which the two companies have especially developed to scour the internet for the hottest music.

The operational style of the new charts had some fearing that the artists with the biggest fanbases on Twitterverse would dominate it, but the absence of any Justin Bieber song in the 140 has dispelled those concerns.

This, of course, isn't the first time that Twitter has tried to incorporate a music recommendation tool into its website. It launched Twitter Music app for iOS last year, but had to put it out of its misery in April after it failed to gain any traction.

The new charts, however, seem to be the real deal. They also have embedded Spotify links next to every song on the list, meaning that users can listen to the tracks from there and then. Let's hope it doesn't meet the same fate its predecessor did.

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