These Guys Just Invented Pooh Bear’s Favorite Fantasy – A Tap That Gives Honey!

This wooden contraption lets you have honey directly from the beehive without any hassle.

Traditional beekeeping will never be the same, thanks to this game-changing beehive invention.

Australian father and son Stuart and Cedar Anderson constructed a wooden contraption allowing beekeepers to get fresh honey directly from the beehive using a tap. The design is called “Flow Hive” and has already turned into a huge crowdfunding success.

What initially started as a backyard project has exceeded inventors’ expectations by receiving more than $2 million in funding from 5,000 investors in just two days. The duo had hoped to raise $70,000 by the end of April, a goal they have very much exceeded.

The Flow Hive costs up to $600 for the full set up, and it took the Andersons about 10 years to perfect one.

“We hoped it would work, our tests showed it should work and we turned the handle and waited,” said Stuart. “When the first pour of fresh honey came out filling the jar, that was a moment.”

The hives are constructed using wooden frames with partly formed honeycomb cells. In order to complete these cells, the bees fill them with their wax before filling them with nectar.

Retrieving honey is also pretty simple; you just need to turn a handle, which creates a vertical channel, sending the honey down to the base of the frame and then out the wooden contraption via a tap.

However, the best part about the invention is that you can actually watch the bees at work, turning nectar into honey through a clear panel installed in the wooden hive.

Find out more about this invention in the video below:

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