HTC Commits One More Marketing Blunder with Its New Blah Blah Blah Ad


HTC has attempted to use one of its biggest weaknesses as an improvised tool to market its new smartphone, the HTC One M8, but failed badly.

The Taiwanese manufacturer is notoriously poor at marketing, which is why their flagship product don't sell as much as the Samsung Galaxy series or Apple's iPhones, despite being highly competitive.

Without much (or any) fanfare, the new HTC One M8 came out yesterday on March 25. Once again absent were the extravagant marketing moves that Samsung and Apple usually pull off with ease and then see their sales skyrocket. Instead, the product is accompanied by an extremely candid advertisement whose theme is that HTC doesn't need to sell the One M8 the conventional way, which we all know is to boast about the product, insult rivals and just force your thing into customers' faces.

But this ad's star Gary Oldman does no such thing. He actually says "Blah Blah Blah" a bunch of times before adding that it doesn't matter what he says because the HTC One M8 is designed for people who form their own opinions.

It's refreshing to see HTC trying something different, but unfortunately, they have got it all wrong once again. Not pushing your products and creating awareness about its features is entirely why HTC is in a state of predicament. If things got sold just by the virtue of their quality, the multibillion dollar advertising industry wouldn't exist.

When the company chairwoman Cher Wang took over the marketing reigns, it seemed they have finally realized that being an introvert doesn't work when you have far more established competitors. But by making an ad like that, it seems lessons have still not been learned.

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