App Makes Phone Useless If Kids Ignore Parents' Calls

A mom tired of her kids ignoring calls and texts got technical with her revenge.

Kids out on the town, probably getting up to some trouble, can ignore their parents' attempts to connect by simply hitting their cell phone's ignore button.

But only at their own risk.

A Texas mom developed a new app, Ignore No More, that allows parents to shut down their children's phones if the kids ignore mom and dad's calls. 

Sharon Standifird was sick and tired of her kids ignoring her calls and texts. Even though she knew they were safe, the kids were pushing the line. A light bulb went on.

"We need to develop an app that just shuts their phone completely down and they can’t even use it," Standifird told CBS 2. “And I started -- literally just started researching how to develop an app."

Gaming, surfing the Web, texting, calling up buddies -- it's all locked if parents activate the app. Instead the kids can call 911 or a pre-approved list of numbers. They need to call their parents to get the password to unlock the phone. 

So far the app is only available through for Androids for $1.99 (sorry, iPhone users!) And while we can't imagine teens find this app useful, some parents are giving it high marks. 

"It works without even having to use it. I told my son about it and he calls and text(s) all the time now! Hot dog he gets it now!" one user raved

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