Plane Tracker Program Will Prevent Another MH370

After the disaster of MH370, as well as other planes that have gone missing, this new program should make a huge difference.

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It's almost been a year since Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has gone missing, and still there has not been the slightest bit of information leading us to the plane. 

239 people died aboard the aircraft, that left loved ones distraught. Still, they have been given no closure as to what happened to their friends and family lost in the disaster.

Now, a new initiative will help prevent airplanes from going missing. Although there is radar to help us see where a plane is in the air, there has never been a device to tell us where the plane is, after it has gone down.

Airservices Australia is working with Malaysia and Indonesia to test a new airplane tracking device that would track the plane's location every 15 minutes. In the past, the trackers only revealed a plane's location every 30 to 40 minutes, and in that time, a lot can happen.

This tracker will more frequently update satellites, letting air traffic control know about a plane's location. When MH370 went down, all officials know is that it made a sharp turn in the wrong direction shortly after take off. It wasn't until much later, after analyzing the evidence, that the Boeing 777 continued for another 7 hours in a different direction, before disappearing over the Indian Ocean.

Hopefully, this new plane tracking program, while won't prevent these disasters from happening, will at least give search teams a better chance at finding a plane when it goes missing. If they won't have enough time to save people, they will at least be able to find the plane before it disappears forever.

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