Indian Startup Introduces A $25 Washing Machine

An Indian startup company is hoping to raise funds for a portable washing machine that could change many lives in the developing world.

A Mumbai-based startup company has released a mini-washing machine that could change lives for the better.

The vision behind Vimbas Navrachna is: “When technology meets common man, world prospers.” And that certainly stands as true for a portable washing machine that could bring a cost-effective solution to households in many developing countries.

The portable laundry machine is easy to make and use, and sells for 1500 Indian rupees, around $25. It has been designed in such a way that it effectively tackles matters of hygiene, energy and mobility.

The startup has an IndieGogo to raise funds for mass-producing the washer, which is called Venus. The entrepreneurs hope to raise $50,000 by Dec. 12. 

Effectively, this could end up helping so many poor families in developing countries, and could be most useful to women who end up washing clothes by hand.

Check out what Piyush Agarwalla, the company’s founder, has to say about it in the video above.

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